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Which Home Ventilation System Is Best for your Cincinnati Home?

by Greg Leisgang on May 30, 2013

Cincinnati springtime allergens are a reminder for many homeowners of the importance of good indoor air quality (IAQ), but the truth is that more than half of U.S. homes — especially tightly sealed homes — suffer the effects of poor IAQ, which may include biological contaminants, auto emissions and more. If you’re ahead of the curve regarding good IAQ, you may be contemplating which whole house ventilation system is better for the Cincinnati area weather: an HRV or ERV?… read more »

Considering an A/C Replacement Soon? Get the Straight Facts

by Greg Leisgang on May 28, 2013

If your air conditioner has given up its last breath of coolness, and you're faced with an unwelcome but necessary purchase of a new A/C unit, stay calm. It's time to get started on making the decision of what your A/C replacement should be and where you should get it in Cincinnati. Here are some straight facts on what you should consider before committing to a purchase.… read more »

Changing the A/C Filter: One Task You Shouldn’t Forget

by Greg Leisgang on May 21, 2013

Did you know that forgetting to replace your air conditioner’s filter regularly could lead to some serious consequences? It’s true. By not changing the A/C filter as needed, you’re risking a complete system breakdown. A clogged, dirty air filter is hard on your A/C system, and it causes other problems in your greater Cincinnati home. Changing out the air filter takes only a few moments, and it’s well worth your time.… read more »

Installing a New Cooling System? Perform a Load Calculation First

by Greg Leisgang on May 14, 2013

With a Cincinnati summer just around the corner, you may be considering installing a new cooling system. But before you get distracted by all of the new, high-efficiency features, it's wise to go back to the basics and have a professional conduct a load calculation to determine your home's exact cooling and dehumidification requirements.… read more »

Cincinnati Air Cleaner Options Defined: Make a Wise Choice

by Greg Leisgang on May 9, 2013

Living in Cincinnati, perhaps you or someone in your household suffers from conditions like asthma, allergies or any other bronchial challenges, you should consider the following air cleaner options to help provide better air quality in your home.… read more »

Forging Ahead With a Geothermal Retrofit? 3 Tips

by Greg Leisgang on May 7, 2013

When it comes to alternate ways to heat and cool your Cincinnati home, many local homeowners are turning to geothermal energy. Harnessing the power of the earth certainly sounds great, but are you ready for a geothermal retrofit? If you're planning on such an upgrade for your greater Cincinnati home, learn more about three tips you should follow.… read more »

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