Cincinnati Air Cleaner Options Defined: Make a Wise Choice

by Greg Leisgang on May 9, 2013

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

air cleaner options, Cincinnati, OhioLiving in Cincinnati, perhaps you or someone in your household suffers from conditions like asthma, allergies or any other bronchial challenges, you should consider the following air cleaner options to help provide better air quality in your home.

  • Mechanical air filters - These filters function in conjunction with a fan to pull dust particles and allergens out of the air and recirculate cleaner air.
  • Electronic air cleaners - Electronic air cleaners, on the other hand, use electrical charges to attract the dust and pollen and remove it from the air.
  • Hybrid air cleaners - These air cleaners combine the techniques used by both mechanical air filters and electronic air cleaners to clean the air.
  • Germicidal air cleaners - For air cleaner options that work to eliminate viruses, bacteria and mold from the air, germicidal air cleaners are the best option. These particular cleaners use UV light to kill the disease carriers.
  • Whole-house air cleaners - To clean the air in your entire house with only one device, you might consider installing a whole-house air cleaner into your HVAC system, provided that system transmits air through ductwork.

Another option for clean air include ozone generators. The problem with this particular option is that the ozone it produces can irritate bronchial passageways and cause additional problems for those using the device for health reasons.

For additional information on air cleaner options for your Greater Cincinnati home, contact the HVAC professionals at JonLe Heating and Cooling. We've been serving the heating and cooling needs of Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area for over 50 years.

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