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Living in Cincinnati: Sizing Your New Air Conditioner

by Greg Leisgang on June 27, 2013

Sizing your new air conditioner is an important part of the system upgrade process, second only to selecting a reputable and experienced contractor to perform the sizing calculations accurately and to install the unit. There’s a lot at stake with a system upgrade — home comfort, energy bills and operating costs — and the choices and calculations you and your contractor make are choices you’ll live with for many years.… read more »

Air Conditioning Service In Cincinnati: Don't Overlook The Quality Of Your Replacement System Installation

by Greg Leisgang on July 10, 2012

You’ve made a good decision to replace your outdated air conditioning system with a new, more energy-efficient system. To ensure the greatest amount of savings, a reputable air conditioning service in Cincinnati will properly install the equipment and be glad to answer any questions you may have about the quality of the installation.… read more »

Need To Upgrade Heating Equipment? A Central A/C System Will Influence Your Choice

by Greg Leisgang on May 17, 2012

A heating system is a long-term investment. You need to do all your homework to ensure that you have the right unit for your home. It will serve you for many years. Of course you'll look for an energy-efficient system, one with a high AFUE rating and the Energy Star label… read more »

Air Leaks Mean Big Energy Losses

by Greg Leisgang on September 8, 2011

Air leaks are one of the great thieves of indoor conditioned air. And they should be addressed because air leaks add to energy costs. We all know that well-caulked windows and weatherstripping around doors reduce leaks. But there are some other areas that homeowners can neglect when it comes to outside air invading our homes.… read more »

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