Air Conditioning Service In Cincinnati: Don't Overlook The Quality Of Your Replacement System Installation

by Greg Leisgang on July 10, 2012

Posted in: Installation

air conditioning service in Cincinnati, OhioYou’ve made a good decision to replace your outdated air conditioning system with a new, more energy-efficient system.

To ensure the greatest amount of savings, a reputable air conditioning service in Cincinnati will properly install the equipment and be glad to answer any questions you may have about the quality of the installation.

Here are the general guidelines a contractor should follow, according to Energy Star:

  • When installed, there should be plenty of room around the unit for maintenance and service.
  • A programmable thermostat should be installed or the existing one should be tested and set. 
  • The manufacturer’s recommended level of refrigerant charge and airflow across the indoor coil should be confirmed.
  • The condenser should be placed in an area protected from snow, rain or growth of vegetation.
  • A proper installation will include a new filter with instructions on how to change and/or clean the filter.
  • A technician from a trusted air conditioning service in Cincinnati should inspect the entire ductwork system, registers and grilles throughout your home, repair any duct breaks or disconnections, and seal any leaks with durable metal tape, mastic or aerosol-based sealant. Ducts that are the wrong size should be replaced to coordinate with the new system.
  • Ducts in areas that are not normally heated or cooled should be insulated to prevent conductive loss of heating or cooling. When all ducts have been examined, repaired or replaced, diagnostic tools should be used to evaluate the air flowing through the ducts and a combustion safety test should be performed.
  • The system’s supply and return air should be evaluated for balance and proper adjustments made.

You’ve made an excellent decision that will maximize your investment by delivering higher energy savings on your monthly utility bills. Now, choose a dependable air conditioning service in Cincinnati that has been around for over 50 years. Contact JonLe Heating & Cooling, serving the Greater Cincinnati area.

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