Help the Air Conditioning in Your Cincinnati Home by Adding Ceiling Fans to the Equation

by Greg Leisgang on May 2, 2014

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ceiling fansIf you're like many homeowners, you feel a sense of relief when the spring season arrives. But don't get too used to the milder temperatures. The summer heat will be here before you know it, and instead of flipping on your heater, it's the air conditioner in your Cincinnati home that will be doing the work. One effective way to help reduce your dependency on air conditioning is to use ceiling fans. Find out how ceiling fans and an air conditioning system can work together to keep your home feeling nice and cool.

How Ceiling Fans Help Air Conditioning 

A ceiling fan circulates the air in a room, creating a breeze that helps the moisture on your skin evaporate faster. This wind chill effect makes you feel cooler even though the temperature inside your home doesn't change at all. It also allows you to increase the temperature on your air conditioner's thermostat, which leads to a drop in energy consumption. A typical central A/C uses 3,500 watts of energy and the average room unit uses 900 watts. A ceiling fan requires drastically less energy, especially an energy efficient model at 100 watts.

Since people typically use ceiling fans to cool their environment, when a fan is installed it will typically be set up to circulate air in a forward, or counter-clockwise, direction. But a ceiling fan can also be used to make your home feel warmer in the winter. By changing the switch on the fan's base, the direction the fan spins is reversed, moving clockwise instead, and heated air is circulated down from the ceiling without creating a draft.

Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan

  • Your home will feel refreshing without having to turn on the A/C as often.
  • Using air conditioning less means energy costs will go down significantly.
  • The life of your A/C will be extended.
  • Your home's carbon footprint will be reduced as a result of your lowered energy demands.

For more tips on using ceiling fans and air conditioning to keep home your comfortable, please contact us at JonLe Heating & Cooling. We proudly serve the greater Cincinnati area.

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