Air Conditioner Maintenance in Cincinnati: Finish Off the Cooling Season With These Tasks

by Greg Leisgang on September 19, 2013

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air conditioner maintenance, Cincinnati, OhioWe all know that when the weather begins to heat up in Cincinnati, air conditioner maintenance is essential to help maintain the comfort level of our home. What many homeowners often overlook, however, is that taking care of your air conditioner is important as the cooling season winds down as well.

Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioner in Cincinnati

When you get to the point where you're using your heat instead of your air, follow these steps to prepare for the non-use of your Cincinnati air conditioner for the months to come:

  • Remove window units - To avoid exposing your window unit to the harsh elements, remove it if possible. Then be sure to clean it up and store it in a safe, dry  place. If you can't remove it, be sure to cover it.
  • Clean the A/C unit - No matter what type of A/C unit you have, wipe away any dirt that's accumulated on the coils or fins. Leaving these elements on throughout winter can cause damage to the unit.
  • Rinse off the outdoor unit - Before you attempt to cover your outdoor unit, wash away any dirt that's collected by spraying it off with a hose. Just make sure that you switch the unit's power off first and let it dry thoroughly afterward.
  • Don't forget the debris - It's important that you pick off any debris that's covering your A/C's outdoor condenser to keep it from clogging up the system.

Covering Your Condenser

Although covering your outdoor condenser may not be necessary, many homeowners play it safe to protect it from the elements. If you choose to do this, the important thing is to remember not to cover it with an airtight, waterproof cover, such as a box or tarp. If you do, moisture could build up and corrode the unit. Instead, either set a piece of plywood on top, weighted down by a couple of bricks, or purchase a custom-made covering that won't harm the condenser.

If you would like further assistance with maintenance for your air conditioner in Cincinnati or for questions regarding home comfort, don't hesitate to contact the experts at JonLe Heating & Cooling. We've been serving the needs of the greater Cincinnati area since 1959.

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