Can Electrostatic Air Filters Help Your Cincinnati Home’s Air Conditioner Perform Better?

by Greg Leisgang on April 28, 2014

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

electrostatic air filtersThe central air conditioner Cincinnati residents rely on to make summer enjoyable needs clean air to operate efficiently. Electrostatic air filters are one good filtration option. They work by using special materials that generate static electricity, for free, to attract and remove airborne pollutants.  

How They Work

Static electricity comes from electrons leaping from surface to surface, leaving one spot positively charged (with not enough electrons) and another negatively charged (with too many electrons). Using this natural phenomenon, electrostatic air filters combine plastic fibers in alternating layers that build up static charges, attracting particles from your home’s air. 


Any air conditioner Cincinnati homeowners depend on in turn depends on an air handler for a steady stream of return air pulled from your home. That air is full of tiny bits of matter called particulates. Some bits are heavy, settling on your floor to be vacuumed up. Others, such as dust mites, are lightweight enough to be carried in the air into return air vents. 

The returned house air, pulled by the air handler, flows through an electrostatic air filter on its way to the air conditioner. The outer poly/nylon layer of the filter may be negatively charged and will "grab" positively charged pollutants. The next layer may be positively charged and will attract negatively charged bits of matter. 

Advantages and Drawbacks

While the upfront cost may be several times the cost of a standard disposable filter, an electrostatic air filter for your central air conditioner is inexpensive over its life. You simply wash it gently once a month to keep it working. Other advantages include:

  • Less expensive than high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters
  • Prevent particulates from collecting on air handler
  • Air handler operates efficiently and with less electricity
  • Reduces allergens 
  • Replace over years, not months

Electrostatic air filters can only work when air is flowing through them. They don't remove gases or odors from your home’s air, and they generally don't filter as well as HEPA filters

For more advice on electrostatic air filters for the air conditioner Cincinnati homeowners enjoy all summer long, contact us at JonLe Heating & Cooling

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