Choosing the Right Furnace Filter Starts With Understanding Your Options

by Greg Leisgang on March 12, 2014

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Air filters have two purposes: keeping debris out of the furnace and cleaning your home's air. How well it does those two jobs depends on the kind of air filter you select. Choosing the right furnace filter begins with knowing the options.

Here are five common filter choices for residential homes:

  • furnace filterDisposable fiberglass panels are the simplest and most affordable option. Made from spun fiberglass in a cardboard frame, these filters keep the largest particles out of the circulating air. However, they do not keep the finer particulates from getting through. These filters have a furnace filter efficiency MERV rating between 2 and 3.
  • Disposable pleated filters are made from polyester or cotton fibers. They can capture smaller particles like spores and mites, but can add more restriction to airflow making the system work harder. They can have a MERV of 6 to 8. They cost about twice what a disposable fiberglass filter does.
  • Disposable electrostatic filters contain cotton or paper filters which have an electrostatic charge. These attract and trap small particles. They come in standard sizes. These filters have MERV rating up to 10.
  • Permanent electrostatic filters contain self-charged cotton fibers to attract fine particulates. These permanent filters have a removable, washable inner filter that can last several years if cared for properly. 
  • High-efficiency pleated filters are the most effective on the market. They have deep pleats made from synthetic cotton and a rigid metal frame to prevent leaks. The filters must be replaced regularly and have a MERV rating up to 16. 

Choosing the right furnace filter for your home will enhance your home's indoor air quality while protecting your furnace. 

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