Summer Allergy Season In Cincinnati Is Here: How To Manage Your Indoor Air Quality

by Greg Leisgang on August 19, 2011

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

For many people, summertime in Cincinnati means allergy season. If you suffer from summer allergies, you know how uncomfortable it is to have itchy, watery eyes and respiratory issues. However, you're not helpless against invading allergens. Take appropriate indoor air-quality measures can go a long way toward allergy relief.

Allergens can enter your home on your shoes and clothing, through windows and doors, and from indoor sources such as pets and mold. You can't keep all of these unwanted particles out, but you can remove them from your air safely and easily. Among the options for improving your indoor air quality:

  • Air purifiers. Portable units only will treat the air in a single room. A whole-house system integrates with your existing heating and cooling equipment to remove unwanted particles before they reach your living spaces. 
  • Air filters. The air filters that come with your heating and cooling system are primarily designed to protect the equipment from dust and dirt. While it is important to check these filters on a monthly basis and replace or wash them when they're dirty, you may want to consider a more robust filtration system to remove more contaminants from the air.
  • Ventilators. An important part of maintaining good indoor air quality is expelling old, stale air from inside your home. A whole-house ventilation system can do this quietly and efficiently.
  • UV lights. Ultraviolet light kills bacteria, mold and viruses by destroying the individual cells. Installing a UV light system into your ductwork will help remove these unwanted microorganisms in your air. They operate safely, silently and out of sight.

For all of your indoor air quality needs in Greater Cincinnati, contact the professionals at JonLe Heating & Cooling. We provide expert service to ensure your new equipment is properly functioning and correctly installed. Don't suffer summer allergies another day; call us to schedule a consultation.

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