5 Simple Tips to Help You Cut Heating Costs in Your Greater Cincinnati Home

by Greg Leisgang on March 17, 2014

Posted in: Energy Savings

This winter has been brutal, and that means excessively high utility bills for many Ohio homeowners. There are multiple steps you can take to reduce energy consumption in every room of the house. The following tips will help you cut utility costs in the future:

  1. heating costsTurn off unused appliances. Many homeowners don't realize that electronic appliances and gadgets can still consume power when they're plugged in but turned off. While turning electronics off is important, unplugging them is more effective. The best way to save money is to plug your electronics into power strips that can be easily switched on and off when you're leaving the home or ready to head to bed.
  2. Change your air filters. Once the air filters in your HVAC system become dirty or clogged, they impede airflow. The system then requires more energy to heat your home to its desired temperature. Replace the filters as per the manufacturer's instructions. For ultimate heating efficiency and to reduce household allergies, experts recommend changing the filter every month.
  3. Upgrade your light bulbs. Traditional incandescent light bulbs use about 90 percent more power than their compact florescent counterparts. Making the switch from incandescent to florescent will make a noticeable difference on your utility bills. If you don't like florescent lights, switch to energy-saving incandescents, which use 25 percent less energy.
  4. Air dry the dishes. You may not even realize your dishwasher is set on the "heat-dry" feature, which is unnecessary. Instead, turn this feature off and let your dishes air dry.
  5. Lower the water heater temperature. Change your water heater setting to 120 degrees rather than 140 degrees, and don't forget to put it on the vacation setting when you're out of town.

Interested in learning more ways to cut the heating and utility costs in your Cincinnati home this winter? Contact the HVAC experts at JonLe Heating & Cooling.

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