6 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Heating and Cooling System for the Fall

by Greg Leisgang on August 25, 2014

Posted in: Energy Savings

What a beautiful summer we’ve had in Cincinnati! If you’re like most families, your wallet has felt the relief of the mild summer as much as you have. The breezy days and regular rainfall have spoiled us and our HVAC systems compared to the typical steamy Cincinnati summers. Even so, don’t forget that regular maintenance on your HVAC system will prepare your home for whatever fall and winter have in store for the Queen city. Here are some easy maintenance you can do on your home heating and air conditioning system:

  1. Change Your Filters - The mild summer has been good to the plants, trees, and flowers. An easy growing season means plenty of allergens to be shed before winter. Replace your air filter! The filter on your HVAC system is essential to clean airborne particles and allergens. We can’t say it enough. At JonLe, we’re so passionate about changing your air filters, we’ll even remind you when to change your filter.

  2. Test Your Safety Devices - Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, the weather radio, these devices help you stay safe in the event of an emergency. Test and replace the batteries if needed. Keep an extra set of batteries near the safety devices in your home. It helps in the middle of the night when that smoke detector is beeping furiously at you from somewhere… around… here…

  3. Schedule a Seasonal Efficiency Evaluation - Getting regular, seasonal maintenance done on your HVAC system can mean the difference between cosying up on the couch for movie night and huddling together to share body heat in the dead of winter. JonLe offers Energy Savings Plans that include regularly scheduled maintenance and gives you a 10-20% discount on repairs during the coverage period.

  4. Have Your Ductwork Cleaned - Cleaning ductwork regularly can help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and dramatically improve the air quality in your Cincinnati home. Regular cleaning makes your home a haven from the allergens that plague Cincinnati autumns.

  5. Check For Air Leaks - Examine basement exhaust holes, windows, doors, and attic or crawl spaces for leaks. A few small leaks can be the difference between starting up the furnace in September or making it through to November!

  6. Insulate - Insulation in the attic, crawl spaces, and around the water heater and hot water lines will save you money on your fall and winter heating bill. You may also be able to claim a home energy credit on your taxes for the extra insulation.

Spending the fall and winter Indoors is no fun, but you can make it more comfortable with some regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system. For more information, or to schedule a seasonal heating and cooling maintenance appointment, contact JonLe Heating and Cooling today.


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