Cincinnati Homeowners Get Peace of Mind With an HVAC Preventive Service Agreement

by Greg Leisgang on December 13, 2013

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Cold, snowy winters make preventative HVAC service in Cincinnati an absolute must. Each fall, the furnace should be carefully inspected and cleaned for a trusted HVAC professional for the coming season. While this annual chore might seem unnecessary, it can make the difference between having a toasty warm winter and your furnace suddenly failing in the middle of a cold snap.

Here are a few more reasons that preventive maintenance agreements will give you peace of mind:

  • Regular maintenance for your HVAC system optimizes the equipment, saving energy and reducing power bills.
  • Annual service includes a thorough examination of each of the moving parts, electrical connections and filters in the furnace. Minor problems can be repaired and parts replaced before the damage snowballs out of control.
  • The various parts of your home furnace are cleaned and lubricated to ensure proper operation and maintain its intended life span. Dirt and grime can bog down an HVAC system, causing it to run less efficiently and leading to more wear and tear. 
  • Paying individually for regularly scheduled service checks adds up to more than the cost of preventative service agreements. In addition to saving money on the annual tuneups, many companies offer discounts on other services to their service agreement customers.
  • When HVAC companies are busy, service agreement customers are given appointments more quickly than new clients.

If you need more information about preventive HVAC service in Cincinnati, call the pros at JonLe Heating & Cooling. We've been keeping customers in the greater Cincinnati area comfortable since 1959.

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