If The Refrigerant Charge Is Incorrect, Your Air Conditioner's Performance Will Suffer

by Greg Leisgang on June 14, 2012

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correct refrigerant charge, Cincinnati, OhioIf you want your air conditioner to operate at its greatest potential for efficiency, you should have it inspected yearly. A comprehensive inspection and tune-up will include testing the system's refrigerant charge and airflow. Without maintenance, chances are you will end up paying more for air conditioning this summer than you need to. That's how important the refrigerant charge and airflow is.

The value of a correct refrigerant charge

Having the correct refrigerant charge is comparable to having clean oil in your engine. The system may still run under less-than-ideal circumstances, but you’ll get the most efficient operation out of your system if you maintain the proper charge. You’ll also extend the life of your equipment and improve home comfort.

Whether the air conditioner is over- or under-charged, the system will generally blow cold air, but more electricity will be consumed in the process. Because of this, many homeowners have no idea that their air conditioner is charged incorrectly and that they are spending more than necessary to keep their home cool. Therefore, a refrigerant charge inspection could save you energy dollars each season.

The importance of airflow testing

The condition of the ductwork and the air handler itself determine airflow. Repairs often involve sealing and insulating ductwork, or even mending and renovating the ducts if necessary. With the tests completed and the repairs made, you can expect to enjoy lower operating costs and improved home comfort.

The value of maintenance

While a portion of maintenance will include checking the refrigerant charge and testing airflow, a technician will perform many other services that result in improved indoor comfort, better efficiency, longer equipment life span and fewer repairs. Some of these checks include cleaning the coils, inspecting the fan blades, testing air temperature differences and determining that the whole system is operating as it should.

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