How You Can Help Your HVAC System Handle Pet Allergies and Household Dust

by Greg Leisgang on May 26, 2014

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

pet allergiesAre you tired of sneezing the day away in your home? Maybe you're allergic to a beloved pet you don't want to part with, or perhaps there's just too much dust floating around. The great news about indoor allergens is that they can be filtered out by a system installed by an HVAC Cincinnati professional. Read on to learn how your HVAC system can work to improve indoor air quality.

Asthma Triggers

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can actually cause asthma to develop in children? This frightening fact is the perfect reason to invest in an HVAC system that's efficient at filtering the air in your home. Keeping your system clean should be a priority when the health of your family is at stake.

Getting Rid of Pet Dander

As much as 30 percent of the population in the U.S. suffers from pet allergies. Many people who suffer from allergies still want to own pets, so how can they enjoy adding a furry family member to their home without suffering on a daily basis? Indoor air quality control is the solution.

HVAC systems that include HEPA filters are ideal for filtering pet dander out of the air. These cleaners produce the best results when they're used for at least four hours each day. A professional specializing in HVAC Cincinnati can help you with the installation process. However, it's important for you to be proactive about removing dander from carpets and furniture as well.

Filtering Dust and Pollutants

Indoor air pollution can come from the cleaning products you use, appliances, building materials and even outdoor sources like pesticides. Pollutants that get trapped in your home will just keep circulating in the air without a high-quality air filter. Your HVAC system gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your indoor air quality to protect the health of your and your family.

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