Before the Furnace Dries Out the Air in Your Cincinnati Home, Look Into a Humidifier

by Greg Leisgang on December 19, 2013

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

Your furnace in Cincinnati tends to dry the air, which can create an unhealthy environment for your and your home. A central humidification system can help you avoid the damaging static electricity, skin and respiratory irritations and damage to your home's wooden objects. 

Unless your home is exceptionally small, a whole-house humidifier is a more energy efficient, easier to maintain and more effective way to keep the humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent, the range that eliminates the problems that dry air creates. 

As you start your search, consider these aspects to make your selection:

  • Size your home. Its size will make a difference in the size of the humidifier you need. You can find it by looking at property tax records or measuring it with a tape measure and multiplying the length by the width. You'll have to take into account ceiling plate height, as well. 
  • Contact a trusted HVAC installer who can add the humidifier to your home. They sit next to the indoor blower for the furnace in Cincinnati and require access to and from your home's plumbing system.
  • The contractor will show you the units that will fit with your HVAC system and where your HVAC system sits.
  • Choose a system that has a humidistat that senses indoor humidity levels and the outdoor temperature. As temperatures fall outdoors, your home needs to be drier to combat condensation around pipes and your windows.
  • Ask the contractor the kinds of maintenance associated with each system and where to get replacement filters. 
  • Learn the hardness of your water and if it's hard, choose a system that will cause fewer problems associated with hard water deposits, like the evaporative types or warm mist humidifiers. Avoid the impeller types that tend to spread viruses and bacteria throughout the ductwork. 

To learn more about humidifying the air with your furnace in the Cincinnati area, contact JonLe Heating & Cooling today. We've provided outstanding HVAC services for the greater Cincinnati region for more than 50 years. 

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