Before You Turn That Thermostat Down, Turn on Your Ceiling Fan to Cool Off

by Greg Leisgang on July 30, 2013

Posted in: Energy Savings

ceiling fan, Cincinnati, OhioDuring the hot days of summer, you may be tempted to turn down the thermostat and crank up your A/C, but wait. You can save more money and feel cool more quickly with an energy-efficient ceiling fan.

Why air conditioning isn't always better than fans

It may seem at first that your air conditioner is a better choice for hot weather, but there are many reasons why a fan may actually be a better cooling choice. Conditioning a home can be expensive, but adding ceiling fans to the mix can reduce your usual energy costs.

Combined with plenty of ventilation, fans can help you and your family feel more comfortable in hot weather. A ceiling fan that runs along with air conditioning will allow you to run the A/C at a significantly lower level and still feel comfortably cool.

How does a ceiling fan work?

Ceiling fans have long blades that rotate and move the air in your home to create breezes. These breezes help to cool your body by increasing the rate that your sweat evaporates; this is known as the windchill effect. Since the evaporation of sweat is one on the ways that the human body releases heat, the quicker your sweat is evaporated, the cooler you feel. Because ceiling fans are actually cooling the person and not the room, it's important to turn off fans in empty rooms to prevent wasted energy.

Choosing a ceiling fan that's the right size for your room can be complicated. Before buying a new fan for your home, contact JonLe Heating & Cooling. We've been serving homeowners throughout the Cincinnati metro area for years.

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