Energy Smart Saver Health Check: Getting the Most From Your HVAC System

by Greg Leisgang on July 23, 2013

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energy smart saver, Cincinnati, OhioDid you know that by ignoring routine maintenance and system evaluations such as an Energy Smart Saver Health Check, you could be wasting both energy and money? This Health Check helps you get the most out of your HVAC system by ensuring its smooth operation and identifying potential problems before they can cause unexpected repairs.

The benefits of an Energy Smart Saver Health Check

Most routine maintenance checks include cleaning filters, cleaning the coil and fan, inspecting connections, calibrating the thermostats and testing safety controls and refrigerant temperatures. An Energy Smart Saver Health Check, however, offers you additional performance evaluations and tests to ensure your system is in good working condition and is operating efficiently at its peak performance.

Additional evaluations performed include:

  • Measuring temperature drops
  • Measuring amp draw
  • Testing temperature and pressure simultaneously
  • Performance of digital calculations based on system data
  • Identification of issues based on simultaneous readings

The Energy Smart Saver Health Check process is simple

Just schedule an appointment and JonLe Heating & Cooling will come out and perform a Health Check. After the check, steps will be suggested to increase your system’s performance, if necessary. Any additional costs for these performance upgrades will be explained to you and performed at your discretion. If your system is able to be optimized, an incentive application will also be submitted for you.

Increasing your system’s efficiency will not only lower your energy bills, but it will also lower your energy consumption, helping to lessen the need for new power plants and their negative impact on the environment. To schedule your appointment for a Health Check, contact JonLe Heating & Cooling. We proudly offer reliable service and NATE-certified technicians to homeowners throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

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