Learn the Lifetime Costs of Your New Cooling System

by Greg Leisgang on June 6, 2013

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lifetime costs of your new cooling system, Cincinnati, OhioBargain shopping in Greater Cincinnati can be fun, but it doesn't always save money in the long run and seldom delivers the best overall deal. Learn the lifetime costs of your new cooling system, and you may prove to yourself that a high-efficiency upgrade pays more in the long term in lower operating costs, as opposed to just replacing your old system with a model with similar features.

Cost analysis

A cost analysis of lifetime system costs is a helpful tool to use when comparing potential cooling system upgrades. In plain terms, the lifetime costs of your new cooling system are the net purchase price plus the estimated operating costs for the duration of the system’s life expectancy.

You can expect the following benefits of a new high-efficiency cooling system:

  • Long-term energy savings: Begin saving money as soon as you power up your new system. Today’s high-efficiency systems are no less than 80 percent efficient, as opposed to 65 percent efficiency (tops) of systems manufactured under the old SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) standards.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs: The high-efficiency components of modern cooling systems are designed to deliver supreme home comfort and energy savings with less system wear. This is possible with two-stage technology that may actually run for longer time periods but at much slower velocities. The result is comfortable airflow, less wear and tear and fewer repairs.
  • Longer life span: The life expectancy of new cooling systems are much longer than old systems, for the same reasons of lower maintenance and repair costs. A smoother, quieter system produces less vibration and wear on components, which results in longer and stronger performance.
  • Rebates, tax credits, incentives and sizing: You may also save on the initial investment with a correctly sized system that's smaller. Moreover, you may qualify for manufacturer rebates on select cooling systems, energy efficiency federal tax credits for high-efficiency cooling systems and participating utility company rebates and programs.

When you add it all up, high-efficiency pays today, tomorrow and for years to come. Contact JonLe Heating & Cooling, and we’ll help you determine lifetime costs of your new cooling system, and we’ll be there to see you through, as we have since 1959.

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