Boost Heat Pump Performance in Your Cincinnati Home With These 5 Tips

by Greg Leisgang on April 25, 2014

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heat pump performanceWith an efficient heat pump, Cincinnati homeowners can have year-round comfort. But without proper maintenance and use, even the best heat pump can be less efficient than it should be. Boosting your heat pump's performance will help reduce energy bills all year round.

Here are five simple ways you can get more performance from your heat pump.

  1. Change or clean the heat pump's air filter regularly. Air filters capture debris and dust from the air as it's drawn into the air handler. When the filter gets clogged, the air can't flow properly. That makes the system work harder, which leads to higher energy bills and eventually system damage.
  2. Keep the air free flowing inside. The heat pump's air handler pushes the conditioned air to the home's rooms via ductwork and out of the registers. Blocked registers can cause backflow that increases pressure on the air handler's blower. That can cause it work harder and less efficiently.
  3. Keep the outdoor unit free of weeds and debris. The outdoor unit needs unobstructed airflow to dispel heat from the house during summer and to gain heat from the outside during the winter. The unit must be free of any obstacles to perform at its most efficient.
  4. Install and use a programmable thermostat. If you were to raise the thermostat up five degrees on a cold winter's morning, the heat pump would automatically kick on the emergency heating elements to handle the big jump. That is extremely inefficient. A programmable thermostat will gradually bring the temperature up to your wakeup temperature, minimizing this inefficiency.
  5. Use emergency heating only when necessary. One time to use it is after a winter's electrical outage. Use it to heat up the house for an hour. That will get the house warmer and get the refrigerant heated up in the process. Then switch to the regular mode.

By installing a heat pump, Cincinnati homeowners can see lower energy bills. For more information on heat pumps, contact JonLe Heating & Cooling. We've proudly served the greater Cincinnati area for over half a century.

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