How Does a Forced Air Furnace Work to Heat Your Cincinnati Home?

by Greg Leisgang on February 25, 2014

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forced air furnaceIt's very likely that the heating system in your home is a forced-air furnace, and for good reason. These systems offer efficient heating, are easy to install and maintain, and in some cases, offer versatility. The main components of furnaces are the thermostat, the blower motor and fan, the burner, heat exchanger and the ductwork. 

How They Work

Most furnaces use natural gas as the fuel and the thermostat controls when they turn on and off. When it turns the system on, the gas enters the burner, which heats the heat exchanger, and once it's hot enough, the blower fan turns on and distributes the heated air through the ducts. All forced-air furnaces have air filters that trap particles that could damage the interior components. 


The minimum energy efficiency standard for forced-air furnaces stands at 78 AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). Furnaces with a rating of 78 only use 78 percent of the fuel they use for heating. However, furnaces are available with AFUE ratings close to 99 percent, a good choice for climates like ours. 

Installation and Maintenance

Replacing existing furnaces is a fairly simple process. The HVAC contractor will remove the old unit and install the new system. The ductwork should be inspected carefully and both furnaces and ductwork need to be properly sized for the most efficient and durable operation. A system that's too large will run in short cycles, driving up energy consumption and adding wear to the parts. Annual professional maintenance keep the system running safely and efficiency, and routine air filter replacement prolongs its life and lowers energy consumption. 


Forced-air furnaces can house the indoor components for a central air conditioning system, since the ductwork is already in place. They can also be upgraded to a zoning system that increases indoor comfort, often lowers energy bills and prolongs system life. Zoning systems are good choices for large homes or those that have unoccupied spaces. 

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