Whole-House Ventilation Is an Important Aspect of Cincinnati HVAC Systems

by Greg Leisgang on December 5, 2013

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Advancements in technique and materials have led to homes that are tighter and more energy efficient, but in an effort to increase efficiency with Cincinnati HVAC systems, ventilation has been sacrificed. Air leakage around doors, windows, foundations and chimneys in older homes results in a significant amount of natural ventilation, though only on those days with sufficient wind.

Both scenarios can result in a home which is stuffy, stale and uncomfortable, but there's a solution. Whole-house ventilation systems provide homeowners with a controlled, reliable source of ventilation throughout the home. Cincinnati HVAC technicians can help you decide which type of system is right for your home.

  • Exhaust ventilation - This type of system removes stale air and excessive humidity from your indoor environment, relying on depressurization to draw in replacement air through leaks or cracks in the structure and additional passive vents. It's most often used in rooms where moisture and air pollutants are typically produced, such as a bathroom or kitchen. It's also inexpensive and simple to install and works well in cold climates.
  • Supply ventilation - Utilizing a fan to bring outside air in while inside air leaks out through holes, fans or vents, supply ventilation is most often used in one or two of the most often used rooms in the home, working well in hot or mixed climates.
  • Balanced ventilation - When properly installed, this system supplies and exhausts equal parts of fresh outdoor air and contaminated indoor air. It's great for all types of climates but costs more to install and may increase heating and cooling costs.
  • Energy recovery ventilation - This is the most efficient system, utilizing the heat or humidity from the warm inside air to heat the incoming cold air in the winter. In the summer, an ERV takes the cool inside air and mixes it with the warm incoming supply, reducing heating and cooling costs and saving energy year-round.

For more information on whole-house ventilation, call the professionals at JonLe Heating & Cooling. Our Cincinnati HVAC experts have been serving area homeowners for more than 50 years.  

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