Adding UV Lights to Your Cincinnati Home's Ductwork Enhances Indoor Air Quality

by Greg Leisgang on November 7, 2013

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 Each time you leave your greater Cincinnati area home, you're exposed to any number of pollutants in the air. What may surprise you, though, is that the air inside your home may be between two and five times worse than what you’re breathing outdoors. Heating and cooling specialists in Cincinnati can help, however, by adding UV lights to your home's ductwork.

Advances in construction and materials have made today’s homes tighter than ever, preventing an exchange of air from outside and forcing homeowners to breathe in the same recycled air over and over. Since your indoor air contains chemical, environmental and biological contaminants, it’s important to find a way to clean it each time it passes through your HVAC system. Adding UV lights to your ductwork is the perfect solution.

What Are UV lights?

Ultraviolet lights, otherwise known as UV lights, are designed for use in your ductwork. They utilize a safe type of radiation on a wavelength capable of killing airborne microorganisms and preventing them from contaminating your indoor air.

How Do They Work?

UV lights can be installed in either the return or main supply duct of your HVAC system, with the ideal location being downstream of the A/C coils on the supply side of the HVAC system. As the air passes over the UV lamp, the cell structure of organic matter such as bacteria, mildew, mold, viruses and other pathogens is damaged, rendering them incapable of reproducing.

Benefits of UV Lights

  • 24 hour protection - UV lights work around the clock to neutralize bacteria and mold growth within your system components, whereas an air filter only works while the unit is running.
  • Allergy relief - Those with allergies or weakened immune systems may experience a greater sense of well-being, as airborne triggers are cut off at the source.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality - Purified air is delivered to your living space each time you engage the heating and cooling system in your Cincinnati home.

For more information about UV lights, or any other home comfort needs, contact the experts at JonLe Heating and Cooling. Cincinnati residents have benefited from our knowledge and expertise for more than 50 years. 

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