Is Your Cincinnati Home In Need of Furnace Repair or Replacement? 7 Helpful Tips

by Greg Leisgang on October 8, 2013

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furnace repair cincinnati, ohioIf your furnace is on the blink, the natural response is to schedule a furnace repair. However, there comes a time in every furnace’s life when it’s time for a replacement. How do you tell when the time has come to stop putting money toward repairs and invest in a replacement for your Cincinnati home instead? Here are seven helpful tips.

  1. Equipment age: Furnaces are designed to last well over a decade, but if yours is past its fifteenth heating season, it could be about time to pull the plug.
  2. High furnace repair frequency: Think back to the past couple of heating seasons. How much money have you already put toward furnace repair? There comes a point when you must draw the line and put that money toward a replacement instead.
  3. Expensive upcoming repair: If another big repair is on the horizon (amounting to nearly 50 percent of the cost of a new furnace), it could be time to throw in the towel. This is especially true if the above two factors are in play.
  4. High energy bills: Blaming rising energy costs is one excuse, but diminishing equipment efficiency is likely another cause for rising energy bills. It’s likely that the furnace is performing significantly lower than its original efficiency rating. Plus, new Energy Star-qualified furnaces are much more efficient, which means you’ll start to see lower energy bills from day one after making the replacement.
  5. Comfort problems: Improper furnace operation, leaky ductwork, incorrect equipment size and other factors could lead to uneven temperatures and trouble maintaining a comfortable humidity. A new furnace and a little attention to the ductwork can remedy these problems.
  6. Noisy equipment: Furnaces tend to get louder with age. Put a stop to embarrassingly loud equipment with a furnace replacement.
  7. No programmable thermostat: The chance to have a programmable thermostat installed shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in replacing your furnace, but it’s a great perk.

For more information about deciding between a furnace repair and replacement, please contact JonLe Heating & Cooling today. We have years of experience serving residents in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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