A Thermal Expansion Valve in Your New A/C Can Lead to Energy Savings and Reduced Expense

by Greg Leisgang on August 27, 2013

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thermal expansion valve, Cincinnati, OhioAll air conditioners have a device intended to control the flow of refrigerant, but not all these devices were created equal. A thermal expansion valve (TXV) can be more energy efficient than other options.

How a thermal expansion valve works

Many devices have a fixed-width tube or orifice that relies on pressure forces to control amounts of refrigerant. The TXV is more advanced. It senses the conditions and responds appropriately. When it’s hot and more refrigerant is needed, the TXV allows it. When less is required, the TXV prevents overuse.

A thermal expansion valve changes in size to let more or less refrigerant pass through to the indoor coils of your air conditioning system. This valve functions similarly to how our pupils dilate or constrict to allow more or less light to come in. Pupils sense that it’s very bright and change in size to block that light; a TXV senses when it’s hot and changes in size to let in more refrigerant.

Benefits of a TXV

  • The variation provided by a TXV provides more efficient air conditioning in hot weather, because without enough refrigerant the system is taxed and overworked.
  • Alternative devices are optimized for average conditions, making them inefficient when the temperatures aren't average. A TXV works at optimal efficiency regardless of the workload.
  • When things cool down and your A/C needs less refrigerant, the TXV meters out the appropriate amount automatically. This is vital to the system’s durability because superfluous refrigerant reaching the compressor can cause serious damage over time.
  • A thermal expansion valve also helps heat pump systems operate more efficiently by much the same methods.

For more information about whether a thermal expansion valve is right for your home's cooling system, contact the experts at JonLe Heating & Cooling. We’ve been servicing the greater Cincinnati area since 1959.

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