Without Spring Heat Pump Maintenance, You’ll Compromise Your Investment

by Greg Leisgang on April 4, 2013

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heat pump maintenance, Cincinnati, OhioDuring the mild temperatures of spring in Cincinnati, you probably won’t be using your heat pump as often for either heating or cooling, making it the perfect time to do some routine heat pump maintenance and have your heat pump serviced by a professional.

Heat pump maintenance not only ensures that your system will cool your home when hot temperatures hit, but it also helps you protect your investment. One of the benefits of a heat pump is its energy efficiency, but a poorly-maintained heat pump can actually use up to 25 percent more energy just to keep up. Dirty coils and filters can make a heat pump work harder, increasing your energy costs and decreasing the life of the unit.

DIY maintenance for your heat pump

General cleaning is one task that you can do on your own. Filters should be changed at least once a month throughout the year. Spring's a good time to change filters and stock up on spare ones. Outdoors, incorporate maintenance into your spring landscaping chores. Make sure there's no debris, clutter, shrubbery or plants around the outdoor compressor unit. Trim any plant material and remove dead leaves and grass from around the unit. Turn off the power, then inspect the coils and fans for erosion and dirt. Gently clean the fans and coils with a damp rag or sponge.

Schedule a professional for more in-depth heat pump maintenance

An experienced Jonle HVAC professional can see and repair minor problems before they turn into emergencies and get the system ready for the summer cooling season. During a heat pump maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will inspect and clean electrical connections, motors, coils and belts. The thermostat will be inspected and ducts examined for leaks. He or she will take measurements to ensure the system is getting enough airflow, as well as check for refrigerant shortages and leaks.

Protect your investment and get your heat pump maintenance done before the summer. Contact the pros at JonLe Heating & Cooling.  We serve homeowners throughout Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area.

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