With Two-Stage Cooling, Your Home Will Be The Envy Of Cincinnati

by Greg Leisgang on August 2, 2012

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two-stage cooling is more efficientIf you are considering upgrading to a new air conditioner, you have probably already discovered how many different energy-efficient features there are on the market today. Of these various features, one of the most helpful is a two-stage cooling system. With this type of cooling system, your Cincinnati home and your bank account will both feel more comfortable.

What is two-stage cooling?
The cooling equipment you currently have is most likely a single-stage system. These systems will only run the compressor on "high" speed, regardless of the temperature and cooling demands.

Conversely, a two-stage air-conditioning system utilizes two levels of operation: high and low. Generally speaking, your air conditioner will be able to keep up with your cooling needs on the lower settings. Whenever the temperature rises higher than the air conditioner can keep up with, however, it will automatically switch over to a higher speed in order to effectively meet your needs.

How can two-stage cooling save money?
For residents in the greater Cincinnati area, the weather is often fairly mild. Cooling equipment that runs on a high speed constantly, even when the weather is moderate, will require your air conditioner to use far more energy than is necessary. Air conditioners with two stages are energy-smart as they will only utilize the exact energy required to handle your cooling needs. Further, as temperatures become hot, your system will adequately meet your cooling needs with the higher stage of operation.

How can two-stage cooling improve comfort?
This type of system is better able to dehumidify your home. Even though your air conditioner will usually run on a lower speed, its cycles will actually last longer, thus better removing moisture from the air. This will leave you feeling more comfortable and will improve your air quality as excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth. Lastly, these cooling systems are designed to run more quietly, making it easier for you to enjoy peace and comfort indoors.

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