Installing An Air-Source Heat Pump This Year? Make The Most Of Your Investment With These 3 Tips

by Greg Leisgang on July 27, 2012

Posted in: Heat Pumps

air-source heat pumpSo you’re interested in an air-source heat pump? This piece of HVAC equipment can make an incredibly efficient addition to your Greater Cincinnati home. When properly installed and operated, an air-source heat pump can accomplish 150 to 300 percent heating efficiency, thanks to the fact that it moves heat with electricity rather than generating it from a combustible fuel source.

Here are three tips for making the most of your investment:

  • Select a system with high efficiency ratings -- There are two efficiency ratings given to heat pumps. Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) relates to heating efficiency. The most efficient air-source heat pumps are rated at 8 to 10 HSPF. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) indicates the heat pump’s cooling efficiency. The minimum for an air-source heat pump to qualify for the Energy Star label is SEER 14, so look for this rating or higher when shopping.
  • Choose advanced features -- In-demand features make some heat pumps more convenient or efficient than others. Look for advances such as demand-defrost control, which minimizes the defrost cycle and brings heating costs down. Two-speed compressors are also worthwhile because they allow you to heat and cool your home according to demand, increasing cycle lengths and putting less strain on the compressor. A quieter heat pump is always good as well, so look for outdoor sound ratings of 7.6 bels or lower.
  • Size and install the unit correctly -- When choosing a heating and cooling contractor, you need to find one that knows about sizing air-source heat pumps so you’re sure to get the perfect system for your home. An undersized system won’t be able to maintain a comfortable home, while an oversized system will cost more to purchase and could fail to deliver the dehumidification capabilities essential to your comfort in the summer. With the correct unit selected, it must then be installed properly to run efficiently and dependably for many years to come.

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