Repair Or Replace Air Conditioning? With JonLe's Expert Advice, You'll Know What To Do

by Greg Leisgang on July 19, 2012

Posted in: Air Conditioners

Is it time or repair or replace air conditioning? You might assume that it’s best to keep repairing your air conditioner until it wears out and it’s beyond repair. However, there are many reasons -- and benefits to you -- for replacing rather than repairing your system.

Here are some points to consider if you’re deciding whether to repair or replace air conditioning.

  • Age: At JonLe Heating & Cooling, we generally recommend that you replace your air conditioner if it’s more than 10 years old. The primary reason is that profound energy savings -- often over 20 percent -- are available once you make the upgrade, because new air conditioners are ultra-efficient.
  • Frequent repairs: If your air conditioner is broken – again – and you feel as though you just had it fixed, it might be time to throw in the towel. After all, the extra money you’ve been putting toward repairs could be going toward a new high-efficiency air conditioner instead. Especially if you’re facing a particularly expensive repair, it may be best to simply upgrade your system.
  • High energy bills: It’s easy to blame your skyrocketing cooling bills on rising energy costs, but chances are your air conditioner’s limited efficiency is also to blame.
  • Comfort problems: Excess humidity, uneven temperatures and heightened allergies caused by indoor air pollution could all be attributable, in part, to your outdated air conditioner. An older system may not be able to remove humidity, cool your home evenly, or remove pollutants from the air like it used to.
  • Noises: The indoor coil could be developing a serious problem if it begins making strange noises. Don’t wait until it completely breaks down to replace it, or you could be left without air conditioning on the hottest day this summer.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Leaks can be expensive to fix and are damaging to the environment. You can have a leak fixed, but unless your air conditioner is compatible with the new R-410A refrigerant, you will eventually need to replace your system anyway to comply with new refrigerant regulations.

With all points considered, hopefully you now know whether you should repair or replace your air conditioning. Contact JonLe Heating & Cooling for more information for your Greater Cincinnati area home.

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