A Variable-Speed Furnace Blower: The Zen Of Home Comfort And Savings

by Greg Leisgang on February 14, 2012

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variable-speed furnace blower motorsIf your Cincinnati household has an older furnace, you've got a one-speed furnace blower and you're probably paying more than necessary on your monthly energy bills. That's a great reason to consider a new unit with a variable-speed furnace blower motor. But there are other reasons as well. Besides saving on utility bills, variable-speed blower motors help delay replacement costs too. New heating systems with variable-speed blowers will last many years longer than single-speed units, since they aren't forced to work more than necessary, as older one-speed systems must do often.

That's because, with an older, one-speed furnace, the system is either off—or on “high”. The installer set the basic speed when the unit was first put into your house and, unfortunately, the fans were generally set way too high for most daily uses. And there is no in-between setting for those days when you need less-than-maximum heating.

Energy savings

Variable-speed furnace blowers work this way: When the equipment first powers on, the blower motor runs at a low speed, emitting a low, even heat throughout the home. The fan only goes to top-level speed if temperature in the house is still too low after ten minutes has passed. This more conservative and effective energy use saves you money.

Life span

While a variable-speed furnace blower allows you increase energy savings by running on the low setting continually, it also maximizes your furnace's useful life, since it doesn't cycle off and on constantly like a single-speed model must. As a result, the blower often lasts longer, increasing your investment in the system.

Noise and other factors

Variable equipment also operates more quietly with less on and off cycling, so you don't hear that loud "whoosh" you normally do with single-stage systems. Additionally, variable-speed systems, which run on low rather than shutting off much of the time, are ideal for air purifiers or filtration equipment, since these components only work while air is actively being circulated.

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