Products: Zoning Systems

By connecting multiple thermostats, Zoning Systems give you maximum control of your Cincinnati home's comfort level. By individually heating or cooling a room, you can cut home energy costs significantly.

Maximize the Efficiency & Comfort of Your HVAC System

Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature and humidity of individual rooms or sections of your home or office. Some studies show zoning systems can improve energy efficiency of your home by up to 30%.

Arzel Zoning SystemArzel Zoning System

Zoning Systems

With the Arzel Zoning System, you divide your home into separate comfort zones that make sense for your lifestyle. Now you can lose the extra blankets, space heaters or fans and cut your energy bills at the same time! Learn more

ComfortZone II Control ZONECC2KIT01-BComfortZone II Control ZONECC2KIT01-B

Zoning Systems

The ComfortZone II digital thermostat from Carrier allows you to program temperature and humidity levels in 7-day cycles, in up to 8 zones. You'll enjoy both greater comfort and lower energy costs, all from a single, powerful source. Learn more

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