5 Boiler Issues That Mean You Need to Call in Your Trusted HVAC Professionals

by Greg Leisgang on March 20, 2014

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boiler issuesIf your main heating system has a boiler, you may not think about it very often. Boilers can have a very long life with few issues. However, eventually, you may start having problems with it.

Here are five boiler problems that indicate you need to call in an HVAC company to care for your Cincinnati home:

  1. No heat or hot water - If your boiler isn't doing its job, you need to get a repairman in as soon as possible. It might be a minor problem or it could be a sign that you need a new boiler.
  2. The boiler flame isn't blue - Blue flames show the fuel is burning at an efficient rate. When it turns yellow or orange, it can indicate the burner is dirty. This can lead to sooting and may cause carbon monoxide to escape into the living space. Get it fixed as soon as possible.
  3. The boiler pressure keeps going up or down - Boilers are supposed to self-regulate to maintain a steady pressure. If the boiler isn't keeping the pressure even, you need to get a HVAC repair service on it.
  4. The boiler is making strange noises - Every boiler has its own sound patterns. If you start hearing a knocking, banging, clunking or ticking sound that wasn't there before, something has changed and you need to have it checked.
  5. The boiler is using more fuel than normal - If you see a dramatic uptick in fuel use for a month with no obvious explanation, the boiler is the most likely culprit.

When you notice a problem with the boiler, it's imperative you call out an experienced HVAC technician. Contact JonLe Heating & Cooling for HVAC service in the greater Cincinnati area.

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