Supplemental Furnace Equipment for the Heating System of Your Cincinnati Home

by Greg Leisgang on March 7, 2014

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As you consider a new heating system for your Cincinnati home, give some thought to choosing one that offers variable-speed operation. These furnaces adjust the amount of fuel the furnace uses based on the heating requirements of your home instead of running at top speed in every situation. Variable-speed fuel delivery and fan speed is an upgrade, but you'll recover the investment in lower heating bills and increased comfort.

supplemental furnaceFurnaces with two-stage burners adjust the amount of fuel they deliver to the burner. If the heating load is low, the system won't use as much fuel. When combined with a variable-speed motor, the airflow through the furnace will slow through the ducts. It's actually a better way to heat your home because it takes a little longer. The warmth also has time to penetrate the objects inside, helping it retain heat longer. 

When furnaces deliver heat for just a short period, some of the rooms won't be as warm, especially those further from the thermostat. A slower running speed gives the more distant rooms time to heat more thoroughly, giving you consistent temperatures throughout the home. The longer running cycle also helps trap more dust, improving air quality. 

All HVAC equipment uses more electricity when it first starts, so the longer running time helps drop energy bills, especially when the two-stage furnace has an electronically commutated motor (ECM). ECM motors are an ideal blower motor for heating in Cincinnati because they use a fraction of the electricity that the standard permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor does.

Using a variable-speed furnace also makes it possible to use a zoning system—another improvement that increases comfort and lowers energy bills. A zoning system uses dampers in the ductwork that open and close based on that area's need for heat. They're especially beneficial in homes that are two-story, sprawling or have rarely-used areas. 

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