When Shopping for an HVAC Upgrade for Your Cincinnati Home, Go With Energy Star

by Greg Leisgang on February 13, 2014

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Cincinnati is no stranger to temperature extremes, which means energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is an especially good investment in our region. A good way to find such equipment is by looking for models that have been certified by the Energy Star program. There are many types of products that are part of the Energy Star program, but HVAC appliances are probably one of the most important. They're responsible for a large amount of your home's energy consumption, so going with more efficient options can create especially large energy savings.

energy starAs you expect from a program started by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one of the benefits of going with Energy Star-certified HVAC equipment is that it's better for the environment. Since they use less energy, they contribute less greenhouse gases and other pollutants to the atmosphere. But that's not the only reason to go with an Energy Star-certified product when upgrading. Energy Star products can also save you money. This might not seem obvious at first, since Energy Star products usually cost more due to the extra technology they include to improve their energy efficiency. However, the higher purchase price is often offset by the savings the decreased energy use will offer on energy bills over the years.

HVAC equipment that's Energy Star-certified will have the Energy Star label included on the yellow Energy Guide label, which shows the results of the Department of Energy's energy consumption testing. This label is also useful for determining how much savings you'll see on energy bills, as it contains an estimated cost to run the appliance for a year. By adding up the savings on energy bills you'll see over the life span of the appliance and comparing it to the difference in the initial purchase price, you can get an estimate of the savings you'll see.

If you want help finding an Energy Star HVAC upgrade for your Cincinnati area home, contact your local experts at JonLe Heating & Cooling. We're proud to provide high-quality, reliable service throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

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