Wondering If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Furnace? Get Expert Advice

by Greg Leisgang on October 23, 2012

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repair or replace your furnace, Cincinnati, OhioThe decision to repair or replace your furnace is one that certainly takes some consideration. After all, a new investment may seem intimidating because of the initial price tag, but just how long should you hold on to an ailing, outdated system?

Here’s some expert advice to help you make your decision.

  • When a furnace is more than 12 to 15 years old: This is the average life span for a furnace. That means you should begin shopping -- and saving -- for a new furnace before your existing system nears that age. That way, the next time you’re looking at a major repair for your aging system, you’ll be prepared to put your money toward a new, high-efficiency system instead.
  • The 50-percent rule: If the cost of a repair is nearly 50 percent of your current furnace’s value, it’s usually not worth paying for the repair.
  • History of repairs: There comes a point when you simply shouldn’t put any more money into repairs, even if your system is 10 years or younger. If your system has a history of requiring repairs often, stop throwing good money at a bad system and replace your furnace.
  • Comfort problems: Poor indoor air quality, humidity problems and wide temperature differences among rooms are all signs that something could be wrong with your furnace. If repairs don’t cut it, you may have your answer of whether to repair or replace your furnace.
  • Strange noises: New sounds coming from your furnace aren’t simply annoying; they could be warning you that the equipment is on its last legs, and/or isn't operating safely.

If you decide to replace your old furnace with a new unit, many benefits await you, including:

  • Fewer unexpected repairs down the road
  • When repairs are needed, replacement parts are usually readily available for newer systems
  • Worthwhile warranties
  • Energy savings resulting in lower energy bills
  • Improved comfort and better indoor air quality

Hopefully it’s clear now whether you should repair or replace your furnace. If you’re still debating, or you’re ready to shop for a replacement, please contact JonLe Heating & Cooling today. We have experience serving customers in Butler County and the Greater Cincinnati area since 1959.

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