A Furnace Replacement Checklist For Cincinnati To Ensure System-To-Home Synergy

by Greg Leisgang on January 24, 2012

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furnace replacement checklistIf you suspect that your furnace needs to be replaced, consider the useful furnace replacement checklist below to ensure system-to-home synergy. Ideally, you should look into furnace replacement before operating your furnace becomes dangerous, or costs you more money than necessary. Here are 8 warning signs that generally indicate that you need to shop for a new furnace:

  • Age -- The average life span of a furnace is around 15 years. If your furnace is approaching this range, it’s time to start shopping. Doing so will give you time to make the best decision, which is more difficult if you have to find a replacement system quickly.
  • Utility bills -- If your gas and electric bills are rising higher than usual, your furnace's efficiency could be waning, meaning it has to run longer to provide the same amount of heat. And that extra cost could be applied toward furnace replacement.
  • Repairs -- You may be putting good money into a dying system if you’ve spent more than $500 in repairs for your furnace in the past two years, money that's probably better spent toward the purchase of a new system.
  • Comfort -- Are some rooms in your home too hot, while others are too cold? Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat? This could be a sign that your furnace is unable to distribute air properly anymore.
  • Noise -- If you hear banging, rattling, popping or squealing, all indicators of a poorly performing system, you could require a replacement in the very near future.
  • Air quality -- Excessive dust, stale air and dryness are all signs that your furnace is on its last leg.
  • Furnace flame -- A flickering or yellow flame, instead of steady blue one, is a sign that excess carbon monoxide is being generated, which is very dangerous.
  • Health -- If you or a family member has been feeling nauseous, disoriented or has suffered from headaches and flu-like symptoms for no apparent reason, your furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide. Call a service professional immediately if you experience these symptoms.

For more information about this furnace replacement checklist, contact JonLe Heating & Cooling today. We'll help evaluate the heating system in your Greater Cincinnati-area home and offer effective solutions.

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