Heat-Pump Performance Impacted By 3 Factors

by Greg Leisgang on January 12, 2012

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heat pump performance Cincinnati, OH areaA heat pump offers one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool homes in the Greater Cincinnati area, but only when the whole system is operating as it should. Heat-pump performance depends on the ductwork, refrigerant levels and the blower that distributes the air through the house. When in peak condition, these three factors contribute to maximum efficiency.

The ductwork system distributes heated or cooled air through your home. And your ducts need periodic inspections to be sure that no leaks exist, and that the ductwork isn't kinked. Leaking ducts can blow a lot of conditioned air where you don't need it, like the attic, crawl spaces or basements. And big leaks result in big energy bills. Kinked ducts will hinder airflow. HVAC technicians use specialized equipment to measure airflow pressure through your ducts, which is the best way to determine any problems.

A heat pump uses refrigerant to condition the home's air. When refrigerant levels are not at the predetermined settings for the system, heat-pump performance is compromised. If your heat pump is a split system, you run the risk of having low levels, making the system work harder to condition the air in your home. When the levels drop too far, your system may not work at all. An HVAC technician can measure the pressure of the refrigerant in your heat pump during routine maintenance. Having optimal refrigerant levels will maximize heating and cooling performance.

If the blower for your heat pump isn't pushing out sufficient air, your home will not be as comfortable as it should be. The most common reason for poor airflow is a dirty filter. As dust and particles become trapped on the filter, less air moves through the system, causing the heat pump to work harder. Changing the filters is an easy task for homeowners, but if the filters are clean and comfort is still a factor, your blower may need to be serviced.

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