Can You Upgrade Furnace Motor Efficiency? You Bet!

by Greg Leisgang on December 29, 2011

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furnace motor efficiency Cincinnati, OH areaYou can improve the overall efficiency of your heating system by upgrading furnace motor efficiency, and see significantly higher savings, as well as comfort. And with colder weather settling in, it's important to take advantage of opportunities to save on heating costs. When upgrading your heating system, consider furnace motor efficiency.

Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) are the most efficient motors available. They use a magnet rotor and built-in inverter to generate constant airflow, allowing them to operate more efficiently than other motors. Their programmability and ability to run at variable speeds allows them to control humidity and operate at peak efficiency, regardless of the weather.

How do ECMs work?

The motors are surprisingly simple. A permanent magnet rotor is powered by a single source, while the speed and torque are controlled by a programmable electronic inverter. There are no rotor losses and the mechanical brushes and commutator are removed, making the motor more efficient. The inverter keeps the airflow through the motor constant, even during power irregularities. The technology has been used in HVAC equipment since 1985, but is only now becoming commonplace because of rising energy prices and an increased desire for energy efficiency.  

What does that mean for you?

A well-programmed motor can cut energy usage by over 80 percent, which means ECMs can save you hundreds of dollars per year on energy. Additionally, they decrease your impact on the environment and cut greenhouse gas emissions. And they enable you to run your furnace fan or air handler continuously, improving air circulation and keeping the temperature throughout your home constant.

To put it simply, you'll be more comfortable and it will cost you less. If you want to find out what improved furnace motor efficiency can do to increase your comfort and lower your energy bills, contact JonLe Heating & Cooling. With over 50 years of providing quality HVAC service to Greater Cincinnati, we have the expertise to help you get the most out of your furnace.

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